Cultural and educational corporate trip

We think

We think

that the status of any person (and especially a representative of a business, a leader) increases many times in the eyes of others when he: He knows and does his job well; demonstrates the general level of his erudition; knows how to talk about art, and also understands the features of modern trends.

How it can look like

For example, you watched a performance. It's good. Perhaps they read about actors on the Internet - even better. But how much your perception of what you see will change when you communicate with the actors in person, discuss the work on which the performance is staged, get feedback that is necessary not only for the actors, but also for the audience! Neva-Art offers you such an opportunity.

Just imagine

all issues have already been resolved, tickets purchased, meetings organized. In the morning, you slowly go to breakfast, swim in the pool, then meet with artists who will play in the evening performance (the director who directed the performance, or, for example, the gallery owner), communicate, ask questions. And this is only one of many options for corporate events, which can take place both in Russia and abroad. There are a great many development options. Each event will be organized according to your taste, taking into account all your wishes.

Examples of cultural corporate events

Examples of cultural corporate events

Whatever your level of knowledge of art, our agency, which has organized projects in the field of culture and art for many years, will be able to surprise you and help to pump existing knowledge with maximum pleasure, as well as acquire many new ones. And all this is within the corporate party!

- modern theater or classical productions

You will be able to visit the performance, as well as chat with its creators, where they will tell you how to read images and find meaning, learn how to catch what is hidden between the lines;

- art

You will learn about classical and contemporary art, talk about collecting, and also consider diversifying your portfolio.

- modern museums and their features

You will find out why museum activities are becoming more popular every year and why this is important today;

- concerts of classical music

In addition to an exclusive concert that you can enjoy, you will have a meeting with its creators: musicians, conductor or soloists